Visas to Macao SAR of China
2018-10-04 17:56

Visas to Macao


1. Residents of 71 countries and regions including the United Kingdom, U.S.and Portugal are exempt from a visa to enter Macao SAR for the purpose of tourism.


2. From July 1 of 2010, citizens holding ordinary passports and some citizens holding public service passports of Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are no longer eligible to apply for a Macao visa upon arrival. They must apply for a Macao visa before entry. Visa applicants of these six countries may submit their applications to Chinese diplomatic or consular missions abroad or to the Commissioner's Office of China's Foreign Ministry in the Hong Kong SAR.


Diplomatic visa holders of these six countries are still entitled to the visa-free courtesy. Furthermore, members of diplomatic and consular missions of these six countries and representatives of international organisations in China and their family members can apply for a Macao visa upon arrival with their passports or their ID cards of diplomatic, or consular officers, or administrative and technical staff.


3. Citizens of other countries may apply for a visa to Macao at a Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate General in their home country, or obtain a visa upon arrival.


4. Guidelines for applications


(1) Documents required

1) The application form must be filled out truthfully and completely.