Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy on activities of the so-called "World Uyghur Congress" in Ireland
2022-02-22 02:04

Q: Dolkun Isa, the head of the so-called "World Uyghur Congress", is visiting Ireland. What is the Chinese Embassy's comment?

A: We strongly condemn the anti-China separatist activities of the so-called "World Uyghur Congress" in Ireland, and firmly oppose Irish government officials’ meeting with Dolkun Isa, as well as a few Irish politicians’ participation in spreading lies on Xinjiang and support for terrorist and separatist activities.

The so-called "World Uyghur Congress" is an outright separatist and extremist organization that has sold its soul to anti-China forces. It has all along been fabricating lies on Xinjiang, spreading religious extremism, and instigating terrorism and violent separatism. Dolkun Isa, the head of the "World Uyghur Congress", is a terrorist who is suspected of organizing and committing a series of violent terrorist activities and serious crimes in China.

The issues concerning Xinjiang are not about human rights, nationality or religion, but about fighting terrorism, separatism and religious extremism. The so-called "genocide", "cultural extermination" or "forced labor" in Xinjiang, which are based on flat lies and disinformation, are political manipulations with hidden motives.

We urge the Irish side to respect China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and stop interfering in China's internal affairs under the guise of “human rights”. For those Irish politicians who have jumped on the bandwagon of dirty political farce against China, we urge them to stop parroting disinformation.