Happy Chinese New Year: 2023 New Year Celebrations
2023-01-11 19:23

  With times goes by, the Year of the Tiger is coming to an end and the New Year of the Rabbit is coming soon. The Chinese Embassy in Ireland wishes all Chinese people living in Ireland a happy new year and may all wishes come ture!

  From 15thJanuary to 6thFebruary, the Chinese Embassy and Chinese communities in Ireland, together with some culture and education institutions in Ireland, will celebrate this Chinese New Year through various online and offline activities.Please checkthe events during the Chinese New Year:

Off-line activities

1. 15thJanuary,  CSSA(Chinese Students & Scholars Association)--Chinese New Year Gala

Time: 15th January, 18:00 pm

Place: O'Reilly Theatre,

6 Denmark Street Great,

Rotunda, Dublin 1,

D01 TK25

Tickets: Free, scan the QR code on WeChat to sign up

2. 16th January , Chinese Zodiac Signs Arts Exhibition

Time and Places:

First Exhibition: Balbriigan Library, 16th-21stJanuary

Second Exhibition: Blanchardstown Library, 24th-29thJanuary

Tickets: Free, no booking required

3. 21st-29th January, Dublin Goes Red

Time21st-29th January

PlacesDublin City Hall

Pearse Lyons Distillery

Dublin Civic Offices

National Concert Hall

Bank of Ireland

Carrolls on Westmoreland Street

Sin É pub

Tickets: Free, no booking required

4. 25th January, Chinese New Year Concert

Time: 25th January, 18pm

Place: Chester Beatty,

Dublin Castle,

Dublin 2

Tickets: Free, no booking required

5. 27th January (TBD) , Movie: The Wandering Earth 2

Time27th January (TBD)

Booking and more information please check the website


6. 28th January, Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting: Workshop for Adults

Time: 28th January, 18pm

PlaceChester Beatty,

Dublin Castle,

Dublin 2

Tickets:  Limited to 15 participants. €35.00 per person, materials provided. Booking essential.

7. 28th January, Chinese Community Celebration

Time: 28th January,14pm-19pm

Place: Hill Street, Dublin 1

Tickets: Free, no booking required

8. 29th January, Movie: The Legend of Sealed Book

Time: 29th January, 14:30pm

Place: Chester Beatty,

Dublin Castle,

Dublin 2

Tickets: Free, no booking required

9. 29th January, Asia Market

Time: 29thJanuary, 12pm-17pm

PlacesAsia Market,

Drury Street,Dublin 2

Capel Street,Dublin 1

Tickets: Free, no booking required

10. 4th February, Gala for the Year of the Rabbit--UCC Confucius Institute

Time: 4thFebruary, 12pm

PlaceDevere Hall, Student Centre, College Rd, University College, Cork

Online Link: https://youtu.be/pq6EE1RStgs

Tickets: Free, no booking required

11. 5th February, Chinese New Year Celebration at UCD Confucius Institute

Time: 5thFebruary, 18pm

PlaceUCD Confucius Institute Building

Tickets: Free, booking required

Booking Link: https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/2023-chinese-new-year-celebration-at-ucd-confucius-institute-tickets-504741484367

On-line Activities

1. Chinese New Year Concert

Celebrate the Chinese New Year and enjoy the online music concert with us. The concert condenses the development of Chinese culture and music into a 45 min program. 

It will feature music and media expressing different kinds of love, from family, friendship, and romantic love to love of homeland, nature, and music.

Watch Online:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdVxgU8XTPw

2.Discovering an Amazing China

Twitter search AnAmazingChinafor more information

3. 9th January, “Play With Me” Chinese Music Challenge

Join pianist Lang Lang to take on a Chinese music challenge.



Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CnLgxtgs4Di/

Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFKqjL7Q/

4. The Online Exhibition “A Day in the Southern Song Dynasty”

The Online Exhibition “A Day in the Southern Song Dynasty” highlighting the entertainment and leisurely life of the people of Lin’an City in the Southern Song Dynasty.

Scan the QR Code by Wechat and it will take you to the Online Exhibition “A Day in the Southern Song Dynasty” (Chinese-English)

5. Chinese Dance Drama: Liangzhu

Introduction ofthe drama:"Liangzhu" is the light of Chinese civilization and the holy land of Oriental civilization. Ancient Liangzhu people worked in the Qiantang River Basin and Taihu Lake Basin and created brilliant material and spiritual civilization about 4,300-5,300 years ago. The Dance Collection Liangzhu takes the dissemination of "the Origin of Chinese Civilization" as the vision. A series of images, such as Grain, Water Conservancy, Jade Cong, Black Pottery, Cornerstone and Pictographic Symbols are used throughout the whole performance through artistic means such as body language of dancing, and modern multimedia and digital techniques. The segmental structure allows the audience to understand and experience Liangzhu culture.

Watch Online:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmF1XIUPW9I

6. Modern Ballet A Sigh of Love

Introduction: Modern Ballet A Sigh of Love is first debuted in 2006, this production embodies Choreographer Bertrand d’AT’s most original choreography. It is the combination of a fascinating love story and various ballet skills. The story sets place in the 30s-40s’ Shanghai, a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures and lifestyles, whereas the dance showcases both classical and modern ballet, bringing the audience back to the nostalgic times of old Shanghai.

Time: Released on January 24

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKPrB8k3XHulP9UauvyMV4Q