Accreditation for Education Institutions in Ireland
2011-09-04 00:59

The Education Section of the Embassy of P. R. China accepts applications for a Letter of Certificate for higher education institutions (universities, institutes, etc.) in Ireland that conduct educational services with China. Organizations or agencies that render educational services are not included. The purpose of the letter is to show the Chinese education authorities in China that the certified is a bona fide institution in Ireland.


The following documents are required for application:


1) One copy of any legal document(s) showing that the education institution to be certified is a bona fide one in Ireland. This could be letters of authentication / accreditation / certificate from the governmental departments like the Department of Education and Science, or QQAAI , etc.


2) A written introduction to the cooperation with Chinese higher educational institutions, such as name of institutions, program names, as well as the types of cooperation and exchanges, etc.


3) Fill in the Application Form for Letter of Accreditation below.


4) A fee of €200 is charged for each Letter of Certificate to be issued. Only a cheque made payable to Education Section, Embassy of P.R. China will be accepted. An official receipt will be returned together with the Letter of Certificate once the application has been processed.


5) As well as a on-the-spot visit to the applying institution.



We would like to draw the attention of the applicants to the following:


1) Application processing will not start until all the documents relevant materials have been submitted and correct fee has been paid.


2) One original Letter of Certificate is produced for each institution to be certified. If an applicant who has been certified asks for an additional one, an additional fee of €200 will be charged.


Application processing is undertaken in a spirit of friendly assistance and normally would not exceed ten working days. We sincerely apologize should long wait occur but would do nothing but be thankful for your understanding and patience.


We retain the right not to accept an application for certification if we see any inappropriateness related to the application.


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Zheng Dawei

First Secretary for Education

Chinese Embassy in the Republic of Ireland