Spokesperson on the upcoming vote of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act by the US Congress (01/02/2000)
2004-05-20 13:28

    Q: What is China's comment on the upcoming vote of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act by the US Congress?

A: A few members of the US Congress have tried hard to push for the adoption of the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act. The essence is to, through strengthened domestic legislation, provide the so-called legal basis for the provision of various sophisticated weapons and equipment by the US to Taiwan and the establishment and enhancement of direct links between the armed forces in the US and Taiwan. The attempt has gravely threatened peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits and the China-US relations. The Chinese Government and people have, from the very beginning, expressed their strong condemnation of and resolute opposition to the Act, and have lodged serious representation with the US side. The Chinese side has taken note of the fact that the US Government has expressed its opposition to the adoption of the Act by the US Congress. The Chinese side strongly urges the members of the US Congress to stop at once this erroneous act of interfering in the internal affairs of China by using the question of Taiwan, and urges the US Government to abide by the three China-US Joint Communiqu_, see clearly the harmful effect of the Act, and adopt concrete and effective measures to prevent it from becoming law so as not to seriously undermine the China-US relations.