One-China policy key to cross-Straits relations: official
2013-07-07 01:18

LOS ANGELES, June 20 (Xinhua) -- Cross-Straits relations should develop within the framework of the one-China policy, China's top official for Taiwan affairs said here on Friday.

Both sides across the Taiwan Straits should address easy issues first while leaving difficult ones for later, visiting chief of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Chinese State Council, Wang Yi, said at a meeting with overseas Chinese representatives in Los Angeles.

He said such an approach has proved effective as evidenced by the positive development of cross-Straits relations in recent months.

The Chinese mainland and Taiwan should stick to the approach when tackling sensitive and complicated issues in the future, Wang said.

He said that during the past year, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan have developed their ties under the spirit of "building trust, laying aside disputes, seeking consensus by shelving differences, and creating a win-win situation," which has been widely recognized and accepted by people from both sides.

While mutual trust is the key to and basis for the cross-Straits ties, the core of such mutual trust between the two sides lies in the adherence to the framework of both the Chinese mainland and Taiwan belonging to one China, he said.

Wang noted that the more the cross-Straits ties progress, the deeper the mutual political trust between the two sides should be, thus the relations can stabilize and last long.

About 35 leaders of the local Chinese-American community, mostly immigrants from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan, attended the meeting and expressed their satisfaction over the significant progress of the cross-Straits relations during the past year.

Wang, who arrived in the United States on Thursday leading a five-member delegation, made similar remarks when meeting overseas Chinese representatives in San Francisco earlier in the day.