'Chinese dream' highlights peaceful development
2013-08-09 22:00
(Xinhua) BEIJING -  The "Chinese dream" embodies the common aspiration of other countries and peoples in the world as it highlights peace, development and mutually beneficial cooperation, a senior Chinese analyst said Thursday, 8 August 2013.

Li Wuwei (厉无畏), vice-president of the Chinese People's Association for Peace and Disarmament (中国人民争取和平与裁军协会副会长), made the comments in a keynote address at an international conference on arms control and strategic stability that opened in Beijing.

The 71-year-old gave his views on the "Chinese dream," a concept that has been brought to prominence by Chinese President Xi Jinping and is becoming a much-discussed topic both at home and abroad.

Li said the revival of the Chinese nation is the great dream of all its people, calling the "Chinese dream" a culmination of the traditional Chinese philosophy of "dedicating oneself to the well-being of the family, country and the world."

The "Chinese dream" is also