Statement of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Ireland on the latest attempts by Falun Gong to disseminate sensational rumours about "organ harvesting" in China
2013-07-18 05:20

12 July 2013


The Chinese Embassy in Dublin is deeply disappointed by, and strongly opposed to, the recent hearing of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, which gave a group of people with ulterior motives an opportunity to use the Oireachtas as a platform for disseminating blatant lies and sensational rumors fabricated by the Falun Gong cult and for making vicious, groundless accusations against the Chinese Government.


The allegations that Falun Gong members are being murdered in China for organ harvesting, as well as the Kilgour-Matas report, have long before been found false and proved to be nothing but a lie fabricated by a handful of anti-China people to tarnish China's reputation. The virulent accusations made during the hearing had already been robustly refuted seven years before, not only by Chinese authorities but also by diplomats and journalists of several other countries who conducted their own conscientious investigations in China, including officers and staff of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing and the U.S. Consulate-General in Shenyang.


By July 1999, when Falun Gong was banned in China as an anti-society cult in accordance with the law, it had claimed over 1,400 innocent lives.  Mounting evidence shows that by fabricating and spreading superstitions and fallacies and exerting mental control, Falun Gong has continued to inflict sufferings and tragedies upon obsessed followers.


The renewed attempts by patrons, agents and adherents of the Falun Gong cult to hype up vilifying rumours about the so-called "live organ harvesting" in Ireland and other countries, as seen from the aforesaid hearing, have further exposed the heretical and malicious nature of this harmful organization despite its beguiling disguise and deceptive tricks.  Their persistent and calculated attempts to bring shame and embarrassment on the great nation of China will prove to be futile.